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mom's bday

December 11th, 2006 at 01:46 am

walked 50 min with mom

Got gas and a car wash. Wash was $1 with 8 gal purchase, my car really needed it. Spent $21 gas 2.08/gal

Went to Walgreens spent $5.67 on Mr Clean erasers, which I love for cleaning, Windex wipes and 2 cans of tuna for brother's xmas.

Went to Target and got 3 lbs of walnuts. $7.16

Went to Red Robins and got a $25 gift card plus $5 bonus card.

Met my family at Texas Roadhouse for mom's bday dinner celebration. Gave mom her gifts. Red and White candy salt and pepper shakers - she collects them. A non-stick mat for bottom of oven and a beautiful stained glass angel. Unfortunately the angel was broke and I'll have to return it. I don't know what it is about stuff I get for my mom, but it seems like there is something wrong every year and I have to return something. Oh well, at least it's something I know she'll like once I get another one.

My mom's bday is about 2 weeks before xmas and mine is about 2 weeks after. I told my dad it was better to have it before, because people are just getting in the mood to celebrate and go out and party. After xmas everyone is tired of celebrating. My dad said plus they have money before xmas and afterwards they're broke. Smile How true.

Finished reading the library book Dark Lover by J.R. Ward. Supernatural. Very good.

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  1. Thrifty Ray Says:

    $2.08 a gallon???? Ok, thats just not fair * whiney voice*....Our gas is averaging $2.50 here!!!

    I understand that whole birthday around Christmas thing as my DD3 was born on Christmas Eve! We try extra hard to keep her day separate and special....and then we have 3 birthdays for other family in January. (My DIL's is January 2nd.)

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