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November 27th, 2006 at 04:44 am

walked with mom 50 min yesterday and today.

Today I chopped up my veggies for the week and made my oatmeal for breakfast. I got out of the habit of doing this regularly the last couple of months because of being so busy and not thinking far enough ahead. I always eat much better when I think ahead and pre-prepare.

Got groceries this morning. Spent $42.41

My friend came over today and we went to a Mexican restaurant for lunch. I brought half home. Spent $9.65

We rented Alien Vs Predator from Blockbuster. Spent $3.59

I enjoyed the afternoon quite a bit. I don't get to see her as much as I used to, since she married and has kids. So i enjoy it when we can get together. The only thing that marred the time was a sinus headace that's been dogging me all day.

Finished reading my book The Rivan Codex by David and Leigh Eddings. Very Good. Made me want to re-read the Belgariad and Mallorean series again. Fortunately I own those and can do that Smile

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  1. Thrifty Ray Says:

    Sounds like a wonderful day (with the exception of the sinus thing). All to often, we lost touch with good friends when we start a family...How nice that you two were able to reconnect!

    You read books so fast....How lucky for you to be able to take an almost 'daily adventure' of somesort. It takes me a week or two to finish a book!!!

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