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My list of 50 boring things

November 17th, 2006 at 06:23 am

Walked with mom 35 min yesterday and today.

I've enjoyed the lists so decided to add mine.

1. My original birth certificate has me listed as a boy instead of a girl.
2. My mom says I learned to read at 3 years old. I think I learned to memorize.
3. I won an American Flag for a coloring contest in first grade.
4. My mother remarried when I was 7 and I got a 2 year old step-brother. Already had a 6 year old sister.
5. My new dad gave me his man's bike to ride which was a 10-speed. I lost control going down a hill, since I could only reach the petals when they were at the top and crashed into a stop sign, knocking me out and causing me to get 7 stiches over my right eyebrow.
6. I am very competitive and an over-achiever. In 6th grade I won CYCer of the year for Colorado. CYC was kind of christian girl scout group. Where you win badges
7. I wore cat-eye glasses from 3rd to 6th grade
8. I was a huge tomboy
9. I joined the volleyball team in 8th grade and played thru 11th grade
10. I joined the church quizzing group in 9th grade and did that for 3 years. Was on a local tv station show for quizzing. I won several trophies and memorized 7 books of the bible.
11. Joined the bowling team in 10th grade and played thru 11th grade.
12. I took two foreign languages in school from 9th thru 12th grade. French and German
13. Went to college for one year and totally messed up. Didn't go to any classes etc.
14. Got a job as a machinist and did that for 15 years working my way up to a journeyman status.
15. Made a lot of money mistakes my first few years on my own. What turned me around was reading an article in the Mother Earth News No 3 issue called How to Retire six month every year and an article in issue number 1 called Living High on $6500 a year.
16. Made a goal to get out of debt and retire at 40. I had around $1000 in debt and thought I would need $100,000 to retire.
17. I saved the money I thought I would need to retire by the time I was 40, but by then my needs had increased so changed goal to retire at 50 instead.
18. Started working in miniatures as a hobby. Gave my first 12 rooms away. Kept the 13th.
19. Bought my first townhome for $37,500 at the end of huge real-estate bust in 1990
20. Sold the townhome for $96,000 in 2001
21. Bought my second townhome for $185,500 in 2001
22. Collected comics for a few years in the early 80's. Mostly New Mutents, X-Men and Teen Titans. Still have 500 comics in storage.
23. Favorite movie types are musicals and sci-fi
24. Favorite movies Bugsy Malone, Loonie Tunes and Labyrinth
25. Love to read. Too many favorite authors to pick one.
26. Was laid off from machinst job in 1996 because of outsourcing.
27. Took a year off working and used my savings to live on and go back to school for a 2 year degree in computer information. Had a 4.0 GPA.
28. To start college I had to take a test to see where I belonged for English writing. The test said I needed remedial writing. I took the regular class and my teacher was so impressed with my essays she asked permission to use them as training tools for other classes. Go figure. Smile
29. At 25 I fell on the ice and bounced. Broke my ankle in 3 places. Had a full-leg cast and had to move back in with my parents for 4 months while it healed. Very glad I had short and long term disabililty insurance.
30. I am afraid of climbing off of high places. I can go up ladders or chairs, but can't get down.
31. I love to play card games, rook and crummy rummy are my favorites.
32. I like to do big complicated jigsaw puzzles.
33. I am the 6th woman in my family to have my first name. The chain ends with me since I won't have kids.
34. My favorite tv shows are cooking shows, but I don't really like to cook
35. I like craftsman style furniture and decorating ideas. I've incorporated a lot of that in my house. I especially love lights. I replaced every light in my house when I bought it with craftsman style lighting.
36. I hate flying, not because I'm scared but because the pressure give me sinus type headaches, and it's so uncomfortable.
37. I get claustrophobic in large groups of people. I haven't gone to my family's extened xmas party in 20 years because of this. 30 people in one house is 20 too many Smile
38. I like to listen to a wide variety of music. Right now I have Charlie Daniels Band, ZZ Top, Rocking 70s and Prince in my CD player.
39. I have never tried drugs and while I have tried alcohol and cigarettes, I didn't like either one and have never been drunk. I don't like being out of control so there was no appeal in those things.
40. I live mythical knick-knacks and pictures. My house is filled with pictures and sculptures of dragons, unicorns, griffens, pegasus, wizards etc.
41. My favorite meal is steak, baked potato, corn, salad and garlic bread with either pumpkin pie or lemon pie for dessert.
42. My favorite candy bar is Payday
43. I like to burn food-scented candles. I don't like flower scents because they give me headaches.
43. I have a good memory for facts, but a horrible memory for people - faces, names, stories. In one ear and out the other.
44. I am 1/4 Cherokee Indian
45. I collect quotes that I like when reading books in a journal
46. I am a perfectionist at work. I believe in delivering value for my pay.
47. My favorite money book is How to Live without a salary by Charles Long
48. I am a huge procrastinator in my home life - aside from paying bills and financial stuff
49. I have no real plants - they die. I have lots of silk plants.
50. I used to have hair that went down to the middle of my butt. I cut to about 1 inch. I love short hair. I didn't expect to since I had long hair my whole life up till then.

10 Responses to “My list of 50 boring things”

  1. monkeymama Says:

    I believe you read at 3. My MIL told me my dh taught himself to read at 2 or 3 and I thought she was compeltely full of it until my son did the same. my son knows all the phonics - but he has been obsessed with letters since I can remember. I just am resigned to the fact that everyone now thinks I am the one full of it - hehe.

    I don't have plants either. People don't understand I hire a gardener because otherwise I just have a dead lawn and trees no matter how hard I try - LOL.

    Thanks for sharing!!!!!

  2. tinapbeana Says:

    labyrinth is a great movie, even better b/c of david bowie *drool* did i mention the leather pants *more drool*

    rook is a family tradition on my dad's side. my great-grandma will trounce anyone who comes in her house!

  3. Broken Arrow Says:

    #30 is cute. Meow! Big Grin

    As for #39, I don't drink, smoke, or gamble. However, I have tried a wine cooler just for fun on the eve of 2000 though. I only made it through half a bottle before I decided that I didn't want anymore.

    #49, I'm working on that one too. I'd like to learn to care for real plants someday. I hear they're not suppose to be hard... but I wouldn't know that just yet.

  4. cashqueen Says:

    Ohhh I LOVE Labyrinth. I haven't seen it in years though. Mmmm David Bowie!

  5. Thrifty Ray Says:

    Too funny that youre fav shows are cooking shows...but you dont like to cook!!!

    We have #44 in common!

    Thanks for a fun list of things to know about you!!

  6. Ima saver Says:

    Have you ever been married?

  7. fairy74 Says:

    #7 tres chic! Smile

  8. paigu Says:

    #2- My mom made me start memorizing the dictionary when I was a kid. I cried and cried and felt like such a failure for only getting through "B"
    #7- Ooh la la. I hate wearing my glasses =P
    Do share your favorite authors! I am a huge book nerd!

  9. LuckyRobin Says:

    Oh, I loved Labyrinth! It came out when I was in the 8th grade and it was the first time I ever "lusted" after a man. David Bowie. Sigh. Also started a life long interest in Jennifer Connelly movies. We found the DVD last year and bought it. My kids love it.

  10. silk plants Says:

    "I have lots of silk plants" is the most boring sentence i've ever read.


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