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relaxing day 2

July 17th, 2006 at 02:52 am

another relaxing day, although I did a bit more than read and sleep, my contentment from yesterday remained, making me feel very happy and relaxed about now.

Went to King Soopers this morning. Spent $30.46 on groceries. $7.80 on a book of stamps and $4.50 on a magazine and a newspaper. I can't find the 20 Ct Advil PM anywhere, it's always sold out. I wonder if the stores aren't stocking it because of the rebates.

The magazine I bought is Arthur Frommer's Smart Shopping. I really like this magazine. I'm going to have to subscribe to it. This is the third one I've gotten. They come out quarterly. Lot's of good ideas and websites for saving money. They had a site called that sells Hanes T-shirts for $1.55 each. Next time I want some new hangout at home t-shirts I need to remember and check them out.

I found out why I couldn't buy the book for $7.99 + 1 shipping. On the last page they tell you if you order the 2007 book you get $5 off the 2006 book. That's not mentioned on the first page and seems like false advertising to me. Definetely turns me off when companies do that.

I did a lot of food prep work today.

Chopped onions, tomatoes, celery, green onions and watermelon
Boiled eggs and cooked oatmeal
Made taco meat, tuna salad and potato salad
Grilled two hamburger patties to have for lunches this week.

I read the new magazine I bought and the newspaper plus the other 2 magazines I got from the library yesterday. I also read the library book At Risk by Patricia Cornwell. Mystery. Ok, not near as good as her Kay Scarpetta series.

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