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July 11th, 2006 at 04:25 am

walked with mom for 30 min. Had a huge rainstorm and that's all we could fit in before it got dark. Now of course it's gorgeous out, the moom is fantastic, big and round and full.

This Friday is our release deadline, I've been working like crazy for the last several weeks. Today I knew that I would make the deadline with my remaining tasks. Then I started looking into one of the last areas I need to test. In order to get to this area I have to go through another area that was supposed to be tested last release. So I started looking for the test cases to find out what I needed to know in order to pass through this area. I couldn't find any. Turns out the person this was assigned to never wrote test cases or tested this area. I know that it wasn't tested because as soon as you click on the link you get Page cannot be displayed. Big Clue there that it's not working.

So now, since this person quit last week, my boss wants me to test this area. This totally stinks. I'm going to test it, but I refuse to put in anymore unpaid overtime this release. I've worked 60 extra hours in the last 6 weeks, 1/2 of my vacation time.

It was the bosses job to stay on top of the assignments and make sure people are doing their jobs and all new features get tested. I can't believe how often I find stuff like this. I think that other tester should be required to return some of their salary. In my opinion it's theft.

Finished listening to the library book on tape For the Roses by Julie Garwood. Romance. Good, very cute.

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