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July 10th, 2006 at 04:00 am

walked with mom for 55 min

Went to Safeway and spent $6.74 on groceries. Went to the 7-11 and got a newspapter for $1.50

My friend and her niece came over today as well as my oldest niece. The two girls are about the same age and we had wanted to get them together for awhile.

We went to Chili's for lunch. Spent $25 and then back to my house were we watched My Fair Lady and everyone worked on craft projects. I keep a bunch of things around for the girls to work on while they are here.

After my friend left, I took my niece to Village Inn for dinner. Spent $17

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  1. robex Says:

    You are such a good Aunt! I wish I had a kids would love an aunt like you. When I was little my mom's best friend was my 'Aunt' and I will always treasure the time that she took to spend with me. She was a wonderful sounding board and, as a teenager, a great support and mentor. I would tell her stuff that there's no way I would ever have told my mom. She was a wonderful friend to me!

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