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Father's Day

June 19th, 2006 at 05:07 am

walked with mom 50 min yesterday and today. We're walking faster and have cut 5 minutes off our walks.

I worked 6 hours yesterday and then went to Parents for Father's day. Had steak, potato salad, green salad, jello salad, watermelon and rolls, all very good. Plus lemon pie for dessert.

I have to return the Printer though, that I got dad for fday. The black ink was missing as well as the power cord. What a pain!

I stayed awhile after my brother and sister left and played cards. My nieces were both in very loving moods yesterday, constantly coming up to be hugged. nice! Smile

They went to cousins camp this week. One of my cousins wives had all of the second generation cousins 18 and younger to their house for 3 days. I think there were 8 of them. She must be wonder-woman or something. I can't even imagine being around 8 teens and pre-teens for 3 days, let alone cooking for them.

I worked 2 hours today and then since I know I have to work a lot this week I tried to get a head start on the meals so I won't be tempted to eat so much fast food.

Went to the grocery store and spent $30.60. Then I hard-boiled eggs, made oatmeal, made tuna salad and potato salad and chopped celery, green onions and watermelon. I've been craving watermelon so hope it's good.

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