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long, long, long day

June 17th, 2006 at 05:05 am

walked with mom for 55 min

Very tired today. Worked from 7:30 - 6:30 and have to work again tomorrow morning. Learning something new so brain work is always more tiring than physical work to me.

At my parents my dad finally got the $50 GC from test driving a Ford. I gave him the deal so was glad to see it pay off. He was telling me about how he lost a deal in the local free classified paper today, because he didn't get the paper until late. I asked him if they had a website, he didn't know, but went and got me the paper.

They do have one so I set it up for him and showed both of them how to use it and search for what they want. My mom has to get on craigslist every couple of days and search for him, so i expect she will have to do this too. I keep telling her to make him learn it if he wants to use it, but so far she still does it. He's still trying to buy and sell ATVs. He's made over $6000 so far and it's a nice hobby for him. Wish my hobby would pay that well. He probably spent less than 4 hours total on each deal and I think he's sold about 8 ATVs now. Good return.

I worked so late and since I need to walk while it was light plus show dad the computer I didn't get to eat till 9:00 so went to McDonalds and spent $5.86.

Got a coupon for a free 2 liter bottle of 7-up in the mail today. I have pop coming out my ears with all the free stuff I'm getting. That's not a complaint though Smile

My parents got their CC bills from our Canada trip. We put all our meals on their CC. I owe around $150 for meals. That's pretty good for 13 meals. We had steak a couple times and salmon once.

Finished listening to the library book on tape Dark Desire by Catherine Feehan. Supernatural. Very good.

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