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thunder and lightening

June 1st, 2006 at 02:51 am

walked with mom for 55 min

One of the things I really miss about Canada was how late it stayed light out. It was light till after 10:00pm. It gets dark here around 8:20pm.

Lot's of thunder and lightening right now. I love to watch lightening storms. But I've had a massive sinus headache all day because of the clouds. Did watch the thunderbirds both yesterday and today. I get a birdseye view from my office window. They practiced yesterday and it was better because there were fewer clouds. Today was very cloudy and you could hear them, but couldn't see them very well.

Did some research on tires, but I'm confused. Tomorrow I will bring up the sites and ask my Dad to help me figure out what kind I need. I have the sizes, but there a jillion different kinds. If I use my Discover card and get them at Firestone I can save an extra 5% this month.

Sent off for my May Walgreens rebate. Only $3 this month. Between working and vacation I didn't get in town very often to buy the rebate items.

I have my nieces signed up for the Red Robin bday club and got an email for the oldest to get a free gourmet burger. I printed it out and my parents are babysitting them today and tomorrow so they took them in town for lunch and got the free burger for her.

Finished reading my book Unfinished Business by Barbara Seranella.

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