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May 29th, 2006 at 04:00 am

My mom has a blister on the bottom of her foot so we didn't walk today.

Went to Chili's for lunch. They have a deal if you buy a $25 gift card they give you $5 extra. So I bought $50 in gift cards and lunch was free with the $10 they gave me. The Chili's is new to our little town. We're getting a lot of new stores right now. Kohl's and WalMart. I'm waiting for my credit union to move here, which is supposed to happen next year and I'm also waiting for Walgreens and Wendy's. Both are supposed to be sometime this year.

Went to my sister's for dinner. We celebrated my nieces 15th bday. They are going to be on vacation in the East on the actual day, so we had it early. I gave her half of her present. The other half is to take her to Clinique to get a makeover and I'll buy her foundation and blush. That's expensive stuff, but at her age name brand is important, plus the experience will be fun. I'll do that when they get back from their vacation and when I see that Clinique is offering a gift with purchase.

I took some books for her to read over the summer too. As I was going through my books I kept saying maybe in a couple of years. Most of my books have adult themes that aren't suitable for them yet. I did find a few for her to read. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn was one of them. I love that book. I hope she likes it too.

I need to do two things with the younger niece to catch up to the older one. She was grounded and I couldn't do one of the things I had planned and I got out of sync. I try to take them one at a time and do something special at least once a month.

I got groceries and spent around $17. I don't have the exact figures since the reciept is downstairs.

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  1. markio26 Says:

    i think it is wonderful how close you are to your family.. and your nieces.. i have a special nephew, brandon jr. and niece savannah... brandon is 12 and savannah is 3... she looks like a lil angelina jolie.. lil boys just stare at her in amazement.. and brandon is a model... they are so cute and sweet and grateful for anything i do for them.. good kids. and they listen.. i have trusts set up for both of them.

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