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April 19th, 2006 at 03:27 am

went into the office today. Spent 3 1/2 hours in meetings. I'd like to know when they expect me to get any work done.

Went to Staples and got printer ink. Had an old cartridge to recycle so got $3 off. Spent $56.37 This comes out of my maintenance/repair fund.

Went to Barnes and Noble and had a 15% off coupon on top of my 10% off membership. Spent $6.56 on one book. Still using my free GC.

Went to Wendy's on the way home. Spent $6.42 got dinner and chili for lunch tomorrow.

Got an email from Great Fun telling me how to get my $20 in Exxon Cards. The deal was I would get $20 in Circuit City cards. I sent them an email saying I wanted the Circuit City cards since we don't have any Exxon stations in Colorado and they would be worthless to me. We'll see what happens. That stinks changing the deal after the fact.

2 Responses to “office day”

  1. mjrube94 Says:

    If you don't have any luck with them, let me know. I'll swap you $20 circuit city for $20 Exxon...

  2. retire@50 Says:

    thanks, so far they are saying it's the EXXON cards and asking me to call an 800 number to protest. Might just be easier to swap. I'll go ahead and fill out the form then when I get the cards I'll let you know.

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