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April 16th, 2006 at 03:38 am

walked with mom for 55 min

It's my dad's bday today so gave him his presents. I had already given him the Entertainment book, but also gave him a $25 GC to the Outback and 2 bags of black jelly beans, his favorites.

Went to my sister's for a turkey dinner. Spent quite a bit of time with my niece picking out CDs that she wanted for her bday from $5.99 each and no S&H. She picked 6 CDs and her mom wanted one too. I ordered 5 of them to be sent right away and put 2 of them in my queue to be sent at the end of this month and the next. Spent $29.95 and my sister gave me 5.99 for the CD she wanted, so total for Niece bday so far is $23.96 for 4 CDs.

I went to earlier and found a 1GB USB flash drive for $38.95 with free S&H and a $14 mail in rebate + the $25 GreatFun rebate, plus I get 3% back by going through Nesteggz rewards so the total cost will be -1.22 cents Smile I've been wanting a USB for a couple months now.

I also went to Barnes and Noble online and ordered a book for my mom for Mother's Day and The Average Family's Guide to Financial Freedom by Bill and Mary Toohey for me. I had a deal from Citi card that if I used thier website I would get $10 back on my first purchase plus 4% of the purchase price rebated back. I spent $32.35. Shipping and handling was free. I'll get $11.29 back from Citi, and I saved 10% with my membership card. The finance book for me cost $2.16 vs the full price of $13.45 and the book for my mom was $17.99

Got a free greeting card in the mail from WalMart.

Finished reading the library book The Prey by Allison Brennan. Mystery. Ok too cliched and too much foreshadowing. It gets boring when you know what's going to happen next.

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  1. baselle Says:

    Man - I thought I was the cat's meow getting a 1Gb for 49$. Ah well, I use it and enjoy it. Kudos for you!

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