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Free stuff and miniatures

March 13th, 2006 at 04:53 am

It's been really nice around here weather wise for the last week. So of course today when I have to drive for 2 hours it snows. Smile

Got gas and 2 newspapers for $24.81. Gas has gone back up and was $2.29/gal

Took my niece up to Denver for the miniature class I signed us up for. It was really good. We learned a lot of neat tricks.

We went to Barnes and Noble first and I spent. $41.36 on 6 books. Used the gift cards I got from opening a new CC.

We went to Red Lobster for lunch. Our favorite place. Spent $18.48

It started to snow while we were in the class but wasn't too bad yet when we got out at 4:30. I bought one item at the class for $12.82 and I had already sent them a $70 check for the fees.

I stopped at a town halfway between Denver and my town for dinner. We went to Wendy's and I spent another $14.47. I got one of their deli sandwiches to have for lunch tomorrow too. When we got out of Wendy's and back on the freeway, the snow was a little heavier but still not bad, the roads were just wet not slick. But for some reason we crawled home. 10-20 miles an hour. There were no wrecks, people were just afraid to drive. It was ridiculous. It should have taken us a half hour to get to my town and it took more than an hour. Then by the time we did get there, it was dark and the snow was starting to stick.

Free stuff I got this week:

15 2-liter bottles of Coke. I won twice more today.
1 bag black jelly beans
Gillete vibrance razor
3 Smart Ones frozen dinners
Dove shampoo and conditioner sample

I finished reading Skeleton Crew by Beverly Connor. Mystery. Good

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