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passport woes

March 7th, 2006 at 05:31 am

walked with mom for 55 min

I printed out the form for the passport and filled it out, then I took sometime off work to go to the post office. I checked with the State Dept website to see where to go and our small town post office was listed. Went there but they said they don't do that. Have to go to the next small town over. Went there and gave the lady the forms, paid my $97 and left. Took about 10 min total. Half-way home I suddenly realized I had used my step dads name and data instead of my birth dad. DOH! He has been my dad for almost 40 years and I just don't think of my birth dad in connection with my father. Turned around and went back to the post office. Fortunately she hadn't sent the form out yet and I was able to cross out his information and put in the right information. Had to call my mom to get his bday and place of birth.

So I get back home and finish my work day and start to do a little more research about Canada. What do I find? You don't need to have a passport to go to Canada until Dec 31, 2006. So basically I wasted $97 for the passport + $8 for the photos Frown The website I was looking at earlier must have had it wrong or I mis-read it.

Well at least now I don't have to worry about getting it in time. This is all happening because I'm in a rush. I wish we had figured out we were going in May a few months ago and I would have had time to do the research and think things through.

Now I'm trying to get the money from my online bank account in to my checking account. I hadn't set up the transfer mechanism yet, since I wanted the money to stay there. Now I find we have to pay the entire amount of the tour when we book because we are less than 60 days away.

Anybody use cancellation insurance? I'm debating about getting it. It's 7% of the total or around $140. What I wonder is. what's the criteria for canceling, for example, if my dad had a heart attack, he obviously couldn't go on the trip. My mom and I wouldn't want to go, but I wonder if the cancellation insurance would kick in for us under those conditions.

So many things to check out/research still and no time.

Sent off my check for $2000 to prepay the mortgage. Also sent off for a 3 month supply of my meds. $30

3 Responses to “passport woes”

  1. kristina moffitt Says:

    i bought it once and it saved me several thousand dollars. just read the print really well and talk to the person from who you are buying the trip. I got strep throat three days before leaving to present my thesis, almost ended up in the hospital and it covered everything except for their small fee.

    It was a good deal for me.

  2. kashi Says:

    well now that you'll have a passport, you'll just have to take an international trip in the next 10 years! Wink

  3. randamax Says:

    Actually, it might depend on the agent you get when you cross the border. We went to Canada 2 years ago and did, in fact, need a passport at that time.

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