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February Goals

March 1st, 2006 at 04:17 am

Walked with mom for 35 min.

Got two computer rebate checks in today's mail, one for $20 and one for $40.

Did my monthly net worth calculations and it went up 1.17%. Not as good as last month, but still very good. If I could get this every month I could retire now.

February Goals were:

1. Pre-pay mortgage by 1500.00 - DONE

2. Walk 20 times for at least 35 min - DONE

3. Spend $450 or less for household items - Only spent $334.54, partly because it's a short month and partly because I've been so busy at work, there's no inclination to go anywhere and spend money.

Groceries - 160.30
Fast Food - 24.63
Restaurants - 44.46
Clothes - 15.00
Gas - 41.89
HBAs - 18.96
Misc - 30.20

4. Try to follow Glycemic Index eating plan. Hit and miss on this, getting better, it's a learning process.

5. Go to Dr and get checkup on Diabetes numbers as well as Cholesterol and Triglycerides. - DONE

6. Finish taxes. - DONE

I made 5 out of 6 goals and partially made the 6th one.

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