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February 20th, 2006 at 04:27 am

Groceries again at King Soopers this morning. Spent $36.03 - saved 24%

Had another Pinecone survey.

Watched more movies on the free movie channels today. Saw Ice Princess and the Aviator.

Finished reading the library book Changelings by Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough. Sci/Fi. Good.

2 Responses to “Sunday”

  1. Magnus Says:

    I am thinking about early retirement myself and just wanted to say that I love your concistency in handling your financies. Of course, to a normal human being it might seem a little boring but whatever makes one happy, it is definetely worth pursuing.

    I am looking foreward to review your blog in another 5 years and sincerely hope you will meet your goals.

    Keep up the momentum.


  2. retire@50 Says:

    Thank you

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