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February 18th, 2006 at 04:20 am

It's so cold, -4 right now. It's been snowy and cold for three days and no end in sight. Supposed to be cold and snowy through next Thursday. I hope not, we can't do any walking in this weather.

Went back to the Dr's this morning to get the blood work. They took my BP again and it was down to 140 over 90, still high but much better.

My parents invited me out to dinner tonight so we went to Rosie's. Spent $10. I was talking about how much I didn't want to go back on medication. I don't like taking the pills and I don't like spending the money for them. My mom says something like I know it's $50 but it's your health you have to do it.

I said I know have to do it, but I don't have to like it. Smile I'm not stupid, if it's necessary I will go back on the meds regardless of the cost or aggravation, I just want to bitch about it for a bit.

I need to get more serious about my diet and weight though. I've been playing with the glycemic index eating, but I cheat a couple times a week so I need to take the time and follow the program. My plan of creating a set of menus and repeating them works very well most of the time.

There are two big trouble areas, days when I go into the office, I usually pick something up on the way home and that's fine if it's a salad, but at least 50% of the time it's fast food. So I need to make it a salad 100% of the time of cook when I get home.

The other problem area is when I don't plan ahead and have everything ready to fix after work. If I've had a long, difficult, frustrating day, (which is most of them), I don't want to have to think, I just want something fast and tasty. When it's spelled out in a menu and the food is chopped and thawed. It's not an issue to cook it. Most of my meals take 15 - 20 min to prepare.

I also need to learn to deal with stress better. I have a very high stress job and the last 6 months have been insane.
I need to learn to let go a bit, but my personality is if it's not good, I can't stop until it is good. I don't do things partway or just ok, it has to be right. I don't want my name on a shabby project. I can't turn the ticker tape in my brain off at night and relax. I need a big pair of scissors Smile

2 Responses to “Friday”

  1. baselle Says:

    I'm the same way at work, and I have the same blood pressure reading. Luckily my boss is a bit sympathetic (and I have some vacation time that I have to burn off), so I'm allowed an hour gym workout during the day during work hours. I've found, strangely enough, that the harder I workout with weights, the better my mood is and the more I forget the crap of the day.

  2. Kathy Says:

    We have places where I live in Missouri where you can go make meals all at once at the store and they have everything chopped and ready to put into containers. Then you take them home and put them in the freezer. Our place is called Meal Makers, but I have also heard of Dinners in the Freezer and the Dinner Station. It may cost a little more than cooking from home, but less than eating out. They have the receipes ready and you put in only what you LIKE. They have lo-cal meals and all nutritional information available and you can make half sizes instead of family sizes. You go once a month and move from station to station making the meals. The link for the one here is Check it out and see if you have one by you. You and your mom could go together. Its fun!

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