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February 17th, 2006 at 04:31 am

I got last month's walgreen's rebate in the mail today $14.49

I had a dr appt this afternoon. I need to get bloodwork for my diabetes. That's scheduled for tomorrow.

My blood pressure was so high at the dr's office they wouldn't let me go home, because they were afraid I would have a stroke. It was 181/118 So they gave me some medicine in the office to bring it down and I had to stick around for an hour before it got low enough that they would let me leave. They gave me an EKG also, but it was ok. She gave me a prescription for blood pressure meds.

I've been under a ton of stress lately with my job and it seems like I have a prepetual headache. So I wasn't really surprised, but I hate taking medication. I hate taking it and I hate paying for it. She thinks I may have to take as much as 3 meds to bring it down. That would be $30 a month. Then if I have to go back on the meds for the diabetes, that could be another $30 a month. I know it's worth it if I'm healthy, but I don't have to like it Frown

Spent $20 on co-pay and $10 for prescription and $6.11 at the grocery store. King Soopers has baked chicken breasts at the deli now. That's a very cool deal for me since I can buy just one and not have to cook it.

Finished reading the library book Mary Mary by James Patterson. Mystery. Very good.

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  1. cercis Says:

    Wow. You take care of yourself. I enjoy your posts too much to lose you.

    I have a friend online that goes to a naturopath for her high blood pressure. She says it's gone down for scary high to normal, but her results may not be typical. It might be something you want to look into (AFTER you get your blood pressure more stable), it seems cheaper and what she takes is non-toxic and has no side effects.

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