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February 9th, 2006 at 04:58 am

walked with mom for 35 min

I go up to a Miniature store in Denver a couple of times a year to get supplies for my hobby. I'm on their mailing list and they always have a sale in Feb/Mar. They sent me their latest mailing and they are producing classes to teach miniature making.

One of the classes is a 4 hour class called Picnic Time. It costs $35 and you learn how to make a Picnic table, a "Weber" style grill, picnic basket with tablecloth and chips, beverage cooler, plus fill a food cooler with ice, food containers, foil wrapped plastic packages, potato salad and sandwiches. This is really a good deal, it would be difficult to purchase all that for $35.

Anyways I thought it would be a perfect thing for my oldest niece and I to do together. I got her mom's permission today for her to spend the night and then we'll go the class the next day. It's March 12. I need to register tomorrow, but I'm exicted about it. I think it will be so much fun.

I have a bunch of old musicals on tape and she likes to watch them so we'll problably watch a couple when she spends the night. She's trying to learn to cook and I've shown her two recipes last year, I'll have to come up with another one I think she might like.

I need to come up with something good to do with the youngest niece. I take turns and it's her turn next, so I need to do something with her before March 12.

Maybe I'll take her to see Nanny McPhee, It looks good, haven't heard anything from anyone who's seen it. I know she wants to see King Kong, but not sure I want to see that. The story doesn't do anything for me. I'm looking at the local movie listings and I see there is another PG movie out called Hoodwinked. Maybe she'd like it. I need to call tomorrow and see when she's available and what she might like to do. Maybe we'll do two movies since the sleepover and class are a bigger deal. I try to keep it fairly even although I count the experiences for as much or more worth than the money spent.

I finished listening to the library book on tape Blow Out by Catherine Coulter. Romance. Very good.

2 Responses to “Minature class”

  1. markio26 Says:

    you are so inspiring.. you work hard, walk with your mom, read informative
    books, follow a diet, etc... just enjoy your blog.

  2. retire@50 Says:

    Thank you

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