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January 10th, 2006 at 03:47 am

walked with mom for 35 min

Another stressful day at work, if I could just work on something without being interrupted 20 times with other people's problems, I could get things done. Instead I start on something, get interrupted and have to start over. The reason I have to start over is I get logged out of the website I'm working in because of security reasons, plus I lose track of what I'm doing and have to rething where I'm at. And the things I'm getting interrupted for are stupid things that the people should be able to deal with themselves, they are entry level things for our work that anyone with more than 3 months experience should know. All these people have 5+ years of experience. They're just lazy and don't want to do their own work. I've started telling them to go look it up or do it themselves, but it makes me frustrated. I got hit by 3 people with the same problem this morning and everyone of them should have know how to deal with it on their own. Frown I did finally finish the thing I was working on, but it took me 4 hours and it should have only taken 1-2.

I finally got around to putting $4000 in my 2006 Roth IRA today. I should have done it last week. I missed a good week of stock run-ups. But work has been such a zoo, I just didn't get around to it till this morning. I wrote myself a note and did it first thing.

I also ordered the book Stop Working, Start Living. If anyone owns this book, you have a gold mine. It was listed for 80+ on Barnes and Noble and 50+ on Amazon. I did find someone selling a copy on Barnes and Noble for $18.50 so I ordered it. I figure if I decide to sell in a couple of years I could at least make my money back. I'm going to have to look for this book in used bookstores. Spent $22.39 with shipping. I didn't see Jorge's link before I ordered it, but thanks for the information.

The author of the book lists several of the finance books she grew up reading in her parents house, its funny because I had read most of them also. I think she's close to my age. Most of the books were written in the late 70's, early 80's. My parents had several of the books and I still own How to Live Rich When You Are Not by Rebecca Greer. This basic philosophy of this book is to not waste your money on things you don't care about, but spend it on the things you love, that way you don't feel deprived. For example, instead of eating fast food at Taco Bell everyday, you brown bag and save for a trip to Mexico instead. If that's more important. The point is figuring out what's important to you and then deciding how to get that by giving up things that aren't as important and are more habit that anything else.

Total spent this month = $147.06

I bought a yam last week to try. I know I never liked the sweet potato and marshmallow casseroles we always had at Thanksgiving so I thought I would try a baked version and see if I liked it. The yam/sweet potato is low on the glycemic index and I figured if I did like it, it would be another vegatable. But it was yucky. I just don't like the texture or the taste. Oh well, you don't know till you try. I had it with my leftover steak from yesterday.

Finished reading the library book Every Dead Thing by John Connolly. Mystery. Good. Not great, probably won't read anything else by this author.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    We've more or less given up on regular potatoes and have converted to sweet potatoes and yams. Our favorite is sweet potato fries. Slice up one or two sweet potatoes. Put them in a large ziploc; add olive or grapeseed oil - or whatever you fancy. Add about 1/4 cup?? Enough to coat the contents. Add salt and we add herbs' de provance (recipes can be foudn online; uses common ingredients.) Seal the bag and shake until contents are covered. put on a cookie sheet and bake at 400 for about an hour, turning after 30 minutes.

    Much better than baked yams. Sort of like slightly sweet french fries.

    The other thing I like about making them this way is that you can slice them up ahead of time, coat with oil and then put them in the fridge as a healthy convenience food for when you need something quick and healthy. They are also good in your lunch the next day.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Re: your work. You and I have the same sort of days. The door and the DND (do not disturb) button are helpful, if you've got them. When I was in a cubicle next to the mail slots (which was an extra special kind of pain) what helped was the simple word "Don't." when someone was standing by. A cruise asking around for problems then saying to each person, "Speak now, I'm gonna busy the rest of the afternoon" helps sometimes.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I work at home most of the time and I have to be available, so most of my interruptions are IM or phone calls. If I ignore them people think I'm not here and that's not the impression I want to give about working from home Smile Thanks for the advice though. Smile

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