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Oct Goals

November 1st, 2005 at 03:03 am

Didn't walk today because I had a really bad stomach ache.

My goals for Oct were:

1. Only spend $400 for groceries, gas, entertainment, clothes, household basics and misc.
Way over on this. Total was $537.50

2. Walk at least 20 times this month for at least 45 minutes each time.

3. I'm going on vacation for a week this month so I'm not setting any eating out goals. I know I'll be eating out a lot. My goal is to spend $300 or less on my vacation.
This was under which is good because I used the extra to cover my monthly spending goal overage. Total was $167.20

4. Save $880 above my 401K contribution
I saved the money, but didn't invest it. It's going toward my shower redo.

5. Try two new recipes
Didn't do this.

6. Put another $100 in my cash reserve.
Put $200 in the reserves.

So not too bad, but not great either. I definitly need to tighten up on the monthly spending. I think I'll increase it a little next month, between gas and groceries it's getting harder to keep it under $400 each month.

Total spending for the month was:

Groceries - 196.20
Fast Food - 11.08 - not very accurate since I used a lot of my vacation money eating out
Restaurant - 44.31
Nieces - 54.32
Clothes - 51.00
Books/Newspapers - 60.61
Gas - 53.29
HBAs - 143.49
Entertainment - 0 - vacation covered this
Other - 3.68

xmas - 160.90
gifts - 40.80

I'll have to do my networth for Oct later, the website for my 401K is down.

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