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October 26th, 2005 at 03:40 am

walked with mom for 35 min. After the time changes I'm going to have to move my walking to the middle of the day instead of going after work. I can't afford to take off and hour and a half in the middle of the work day so I plan to take 1 hour. We took a new route today to see what we can fit in that 1 hour time frame. That has to include driving to her house and driving back home, so this new route works pretty good. I normally don't take a lunch hour I just eat while I keep working and work a straight 8 hour day. It will probably be difficult for me about 4 the first few days when I realize I have to keep working till 5. At least I won't have to get on the freeway at 5 to come home.

I had another coupon for a free McDonalds breakfast so I got that this morning on the way into work. Normally I run errands after work, but I didn't have anything to do today, so I didn't spend any money. Very rare on days I go into town. It's pretty easy to not spend money when I'm basically home all day working Smile

Someone posted a link to PineCone research under the Freebies section of this website. PineCone is having a recruitment week. I signed up for it, but haven't heard anything yet. From what I've read it seems they are one of the most legit survey groups.

Someone sent me an email today regarding Nesteggz saying they were planning to join and wondering if I had a referral code to give them. I thought that was really nice. Anyways I went out to Nesteggz to see if they had a referral program since I didn't know of one, I usually don't pay attention until someone tells me Smile I found out that if I have an email address and a first and last name I can refer someone and they will get 5 Nesteggz bucks which translates to $5. After they build up $25 in the program I will get $5 for referring them. That's cool. I know I talked about Nesteggz in one of my previous posts. I think it's a pretty good rebate program, plus if you get their credit card you get 3% back on gas purchases and 1% on everything else. I've gotten several rebate checks from them so far.

I finished reading my book Born to be BAD by Sherrilyn Kenyon. Romance. Very good. A popcorn book.

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