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October 25th, 2005 at 02:43 am

walked with mom for 55 min

Mailed the book I sold of my mom's today. Cost = $1.84

Total spent so far this month = $456.33

While I was walking with my mom today, she asked me if I had looked in the book she gave me that I sold on I said no, it was in really good shape so I listed it as like new. Anyways she told me she had inked out all the swear words in the book and she thought the book was filthy so there were probably a lot of inked out words. I was horrified. I had already mailed the book. It wasn't her fault because she didn't even know I had listed the book. She said she had almost called me last night but forgot. I sure wish she had, because at least I wouldn't have mailed it already.

I emailed the buyer and told her about the change to the books status. I told her if she wants to keep the book I'd refund half her price and if she didn't want to keep the book, she could return it and I'd refund all the money. I'm really embarrased about this and I feel bad for her. She wrote back asking if she can still read the words in which case she will keep the book. I told her I don't know since I hadn't seen it. I doubt it, since my mom is the type to totally erase them. Oh well, that will teach me to pay more attention to my mom's books. I've only sold my books before and I know what's in them. I never write in my books and I just ignore swear words in books and movies. My mom's very sensitive to them.

I made mashed potatoes tonight to eat with my salmon. I had a bunch of little potatoes I needed to use up, so I made a lot of mashed potatoes and made potato salad with the leftovers. I love my potato salad. I got hamburger at 99/lb this week so plan to make some mini-meatloaves tomorrow or Wednesday to go with the potato salad.

I changed the percent I'm contributing to my 401K from 19% to 12%. I did this so the contributions last thru the rest of this year. That means I get the total matching amount from my company. It also means I'll be getting more in my paycheck for the rest of the year too.

Some companies are sneaky with how they match your 401K funds. They portion their matches out as if you were contributing throughout the year, if you stop contributing early because you maxed out, they stop contributing too, so you may not get your total match. For exampe, if you make 60K and if the company matches 5% of your salary. They will match $3000 divides by the number of paychecks in a year which would = 3000/26 or $115.38 each paycheck. Suppose you max out your contributions this month. There are 5 paychecks left this year. The company stops their contributions the same time you do, even though you've maxed out. So you lose out on 5 paychecks of contributions or $576.92. This is a little known rule that a lot of companies use and I think it stinks. I lost out on several years of full matching before I found this out, usually only100-200 a year, but it still stinks.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    My company does the same thing with their contributions. I always make it a point around September/October to forecast the rest of the year and adjust if it looks like I'll go over the max. The tough thing about my company is that we get our bonus (peanuts) in our December 15th paycheck. We always have an idea of how much it will be, but can never be totally sure, so I need to leave wiggle room.

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