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September 21st, 2005 at 04:00 am

went into work today. This management stuff is a pain. I spend all day solving people's problems and don't get any of my own stuff done. Since I have to talk to so many people when I go into the office I have really long days. I worked 9 1/2 hrs today so didn't get home in time to walk again. Hopefully after these first couple of weeks when we get everyone organized it will smooth out and not be as frustrating to me. Part of my frustration has to do with trying to communicate with people who's first language isn't english. We recently hired 2 people from India and I have a hard time understanding them and they probably have a hard time understanding me. I hate having to keep asking someone to repeat themselves. I feel it's rude, but since I can't understand that's my only option.

When I add the commuting time to my work day it's another hour and then I run errands while I'm in town. I need a long decompression time after working to clear all the jumble of work thoughts out of my head. I don't get that on days I go into work. BooHoo!

After work I went to Barnes and Noble. I had a 10% off the whole purchase coupon that I got from one of the freebie listings. Unfortunately I bought a book I already own so I have to return it. Two or three times a year I get fooled when they re-issue a book with a different cover. I think it's a new book by a favorite author. Usually I check the copyright date, but didn't today. Bought 3 books and spent $19.23

Went to Wendy's for dinner and spent $5.11

Total spent so far this month = $346.82

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