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procrastination can pay off

August 27th, 2005 at 04:35 am

walked with mom 55 min

I had a busy money day. First I sold my first book on for $3.00. Now I need some advice from people who have done this before. I went to the post office after work and mailed the book using Media Mail but I only used a Delivery Confirmation reciept that cost .55 cents intead of the insurance and tracking reciept for 1.45 it seems ridiculous to me to insure a $3.00 book. If it was $5+ I think I would go ahead and insure it. What does everyone else do?

Spent $1.97 postage and confirmation reciept.

Total spend so far this month = $244.74

I sent $2000.00 to my Vanguard Growth Index fund. The $880 I planned to save this month + $865 from my bonus and a little bit more I had sitting around added up to the $2000.00

Made another car payment so now I only have 3 left. Woohoo!

Got my package from UFB Direct and verified my money was deposited. Expect the $25 bonus in a couple weeks.

Before I started this journal here I didn't know financial blogs existed. In the last couple of months I've been reading some blogs on other websites. When I find one I like I read the past blogs. Today I found one I really like called Personal Finance for the New Age.

While I was reading the past logs I found a link to open an ING account and get $50, and you don't need a referral. I sure wish I had known about this before I opened my account. I guess sometimes it pays to procrastinate Smile This is only for new accounts. I sent the links to my sister since she hasn't opened accounts for the girls yet. Don't know if she'll do this or not.

Anyways here's the info if anyone else can use it.

enter the code 58978755

This code is valid until 12/31/05.

2 Responses to “procrastination can pay off”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Re: - to date, I have never done anything more than mail the books in the manner requested by the buyer (almost always media rate). At the risk of jinxing myself Wink I have also never had a problem, and I started at in 2002 or 2003, if I recall correctly. The most I ever sell a book for is about $10 or so - if I ever had to refund someone their money, it wouldn't be that much (compared to insuring each delivery and/or buying delivery confirmation each time).

    I do always save my receipts that show the date and zip code, so at least I have that little bit of proof of mailing. It isn't perfect, but it's something.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I've been selling books on line for years. A delivery confirmation is acceptable proof that you mailed the book for most of the on-line sites, included. Because I sell enough I purchase my postage through endicia and can buy the delivery confirmation for .13 cents and it if 'free' on Priority mail. There is a monthly charge for endicia, but if you do a lot of mailings it is worth it. Saved my bacon several times when someone claimed to not get a book.

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