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August 25th, 2005 at 04:38 am

Went into work today. Stopped at the bread store on the way home and spent $3.78. Next stop was the bank where I deposited a rebate check and some rolled coins into my account. This will add another $20 to my Extra Fund.

I went to Kmart next for household items. When did furnace/air filters start costing $8+ ? I remember buying them for about $1. That's ridiculous. Especially if you change them every month the way they want you to. I don't change them that often, instead I look at them and change them when they are dirty. I went out looking on the Home Depot website and they have them for $1.81 each. Much better. I need to stop by and pick some up this weekend. I drive right by there on the way to pick up my SHARE order.

I bought an electric timer from KMart for $6.29. This weekend I'll plug my hot water heater into it and turn the heater off between 11:00 pm and 7:00 am and see if that saves me some electric/gas costs.

I spent $13.87 at Kmart but I used my discounted gift cards at 12% off so it really only cost me $12.20, but that's too complicated to figure out every time so I'm just going to use the $13.87 figure in my totals. I'll have a few extra dollars show up in my checking account over time. As long as I'm not overspending I don't care about tracking every dollar that goes in and out of my life, just most of them Smile

Next stop was Souper Salad. I love this place. For $6.22 I get 3 meals. I always get it to go, because you get a lot more than what you can eat in the restaurant. I get a big styrofoam container that I put a huge salad with all the veggies, eggs and sunflower seeds as well as a baked potato, that's tonight's supper. Then I get two soup containers so I get two large bowls of soups for lunchs, I got Baked potato soup and Adobe Chicken today. Then I get a container for the salad dressing and one for the bread. I get 3 pieces of the blueberry bread and have one with each meal. For eating out 2.07 per meal is a real bargain.

Total spent so far this month = $235.53 looking real good to keep under $400

Last stop on the way home was the library to pick up more holds.

I finished listening to the library book on tape On a Wild Night by Stephanie Laurens. Romance. Very good. Another in her series of stories about the Cynsters.

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