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I got a bonus!

August 24th, 2005 at 04:32 am

My work has an individual contributor award that they give to employees who accomplish alot and are nominated by thier supervisors. I got the award for the first half of the year. $1755.00 that's a weird number and I don't know what it's based on, but I'll definitely take it, or at least half of it. Smile Taxes and deductions were 51%. I get $865.90 take home. About $300 of it went to my 401K so I'll max that out early this year and will get some more of it in December. Either way I was pretty happy about it, not just for the money, but for the fact that my work was recognized. I plan to put it and this months savings into a mutual fund this weekend.

I had a hamburger, potato salad and sliced tomato for supper.

Tomato = 20 cents

Potato Salad = 45 cents

Hamburger = 1.16
1/3 lb hamburger = 33 cents based on 99 cents/lb
Large english muffin = 67 cents based on 4 for 2.69
1 slice cheese = 6 cents based on 16 for a $1
mayo, ketchup, salt, pepper, red robin seasoning, onion and tomato slice = 10 cents - guesstimate

Total for dinner = $1.81

Read my book Master of the Moon by Angela Knight. Fantasy/Romance Pretty good book. A popcorn book.

I sent referrals to both my nieces for ING and if their mom sets up the accounts for them will give them my $10 referral bonus. I explained the deal to her and she said she would look into it. If she lets the girls do it, they could both get $45 for their $1. $25 for signing up, my $10 referral and then each girl could refer one parent for another $10. I hope she follows through on it.

Have to go into work tomorrow so made tuna salad to take along with crackers and grapes. I've had a funny stomach all last night and today, don't know what's wrong. Hope it's not a flu bug or something like that.

2 Responses to “I got a bonus!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Wow! That's great.

    I used to get yearly bonuses that were pretty good. But then that company was bought out and things went downhill fast.

    Now I work for a small lawfirm and they just started doing bonuses (right before I came to work). We use quickbooks so it will be really easy to see who generated what profit and then they'll use a couple of other formulas (since my work isn't as profitable as co-worker one's but requires more expertise and the receptionist doesn't technically generate profit but we'd be sunk without her). I had been at work 2 months and got a small bonus. I was just so happy to get anything I wasn't about to complain about the amount.

    When I think how excited I was about my $100 bonus, I can't even imagine how excited you were about your $1,755 bonus (that is a weird number).

    I'm so happy for you!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Congrats - the amount is weird, but it should spend and save just the same. We get small bonuses and awards for good work we generally get a useful size gift certificate Smile

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