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Fast food 2

July 14th, 2005 at 07:16 am

Wednesday walked with mom for 55 min.

It's just too hot to eat in the early evening so I wait till after we walk then eat at 9:00 by which time I'm starving. So gave in to the fast food thing again. Bad! Bad! Bad! Spent $5.15 at McDonalds. I need to figure out a way around this aside from pure willpower Smile

Total spent this month = 121.02

Read Frugal Families by Jonni McCoy. I didn't think it was that good. Boring and the information is just a rehash of the things most people already know.

Also read Into the Looking Glass by John Ringo. Sci/Fi Military. It was ok, not as good as some of his other books.

I've been feeling kind of Blah lately. Not a lot of energy, just sort of drifting through the day. Don't know why, but hope it goes away soon.

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