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relaxing day

June 27th, 2005 at 03:20 am

Started the day with a load of laundry and chopping up all my veggies/produce for the week. Then made a menu plan to use up some of my SHARE bounty.

Drove to Longs in town and got sunflower seed, (my snack of choice) at 20% off. Spent 5.58
Next met my parents at Zios for lunch. Had a coupon for a free appetizer (worth $8). We ordered the garlic shrimp. Very good. Lunch cost $7.81
On the way home stopped at King Soopers and picked up hamburger that was on sale for .99 lb. Spent $6.70

Came home and read for awhile, took a nap, then went to moms and walked for 55 min.

Came home again and finished my book. Read Sandstorm by James Rollins. It's an action/adventure type book. It was an ok read. Nothing real spectacular - wouldn't read it again.

I love days where I can take my time and there's nothing real pressing to do and I can spend most of it reading, so all in all a very relaxing day for me.

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