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June 18th, 2005 at 04:03 am

Not much new today. Worked. No spending. No fast-foods.
Walked for 50 min.

Finished listening to Kiss me while I sleep by Linda Howard. Good book on tape I got from the Library.

I think it's a rip-off that Kleenex and Puffs both sell their square boxes of tissue for the same price as their rectangular boxes. The sqaure boxes only have 85 sheets and the rectangular boxes have 160 sheets. Whenever they are on sale I get the rectangular boxes and get almost twice as many tissues.

However, since I like the square boxes in the bathroom because they take less room I just open the bottom and take tissues from the rectangular box, fold them in half and put them in the square box and tape the bottom closed. It's a little thing, but it causes me no pain, and saves a few cents, so I like to do it. Smile

Tommorrow is a shopping day, need to run several errands. I really like to shop when I go to a mall with friends or family. Just looking usually satisfies me and I rarely spend much. But I hate errand shopping. I can be going to the exact same stores, but if I'm actually looking for something I don't like to shop. Perverse of me, I know Frown

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