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June 14th, 2005 at 04:45 am

I've been reading a couple of journal's a day to catch up. It's very interesting reading and I've already read two great tips. You all must be very proud of yourselves for the progress you've made.

I got a haircut at Great Clips yesterday. $12 + $2 tip - $3 coupon from the website. I just recently found out that has coupons that aren't in their book that you can print out and use.

Went to Albertson's for the sunday paper and got a 10 lb bag of potatoes for $1.

This is amazing to me, there is no way someone can grow 10 lbs of potatoes, pick them, package them, transport them, display them, ring them up and then bag them for $1. But if the store wants to sell them for that price, I will be glad to accept their offer.

Went to my mom's last night and walked for 55 minutes. Found a way to drive to her house that takes a mile off round-trip. That's cool. I have a treadmill and could walk at home, but it's boring and I just never do it. I've found that if I make a commitment to walk with someone else, I'll do it everytime. So it's worth it to spend the gas money to drive to her house to walk. She only lives 3.5 miles away so it's not too bad.

I was reading a book last night about people who retired early and it struck me how often the people interviewed said, "I wish I had saved more" or "I wish I had started saving earlier". Nobody said "I wish I had spent more on eating out, or entertainment, etc." Smile

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