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copper theft

October 20th, 2010 at 08:37 pm

My mom told me someone stole all the copper out of their churches sprinkler system. Someone has been stealing the copper from the street lights in the next town over too. Is copper really that easy to get from things and is it worth that much, to take the risk?

I got some groceries today, just over $17 which were free using coupons and my pharmacy rewards. With the coupons I got 6 free cans of Bumbleebee tuna and 2 tubes of Crest toothpaste. 1 of the toothpastes goes to the food pantry and one goes to my neice. I got the coupons from RecycleBank and still have 5 more, they are $1/2 and King Soopers has the tuna on sale for .50 cents each.

I got a Dove shampoo and conditioner sample and two Jergens lotions samples in the mail today. Both will go to neice.

I finished reading the library book Luck in the Shadows by Lynn Flewelling. Sci/Fi - pretty good.

3 Responses to “copper theft”

  1. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    In our area the last 2 years there have been air conditioner thefts for the copper. And one light at an interstate entrance has had its copper wiring stolen twice!

  2. Homebody Says:

    Wow that's sad (the theft).

  3. Thrifty Ray Says:

    Copper seems to be a hot item for drug addicts for several reasons. But Churches? talk about the ultimate bad Karma...incredible.

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