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Parker, CO

May 17th, 2010 at 10:16 pm

My mom, my niece and I went to Parker, CO today to do some looking around. We had driven thru, but never stopped. Mom had heard there were some good gift stores there and wanted to check them out. Unfortunately, we didn't find anything different, just the same stores as in every other town in the USA. Walmart, Target, Kohls etc.

We went to Bed, Bath and Beyond and I got my niece some things for her apartment as bday presents. A cover for her bed and a set of 7 baking pans. I spent $60 after using 2 20% off coupons.

We went back to mom's and talked for several hours. She is all grown up and I am impressed with her demeanor and attitude towards the world. So proud of who she has become.

I gave my niece the box of cleaning supplies and spices and stuff I've been collecting for her for her new apartment.

I got a few more boxes of cereal free today. 6 Captain Crunch which go to my brother and 3 Cheerios for me. I got a total of 51 free boxes of cereal last week. 34 for the pantry, 11 for me and 6 for brother.

I finished reading my book Moon Shadows. Paranormal short stories - ok

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