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It's never easy

February 14th, 2007 at 08:59 pm

Well as suspected my mortgage company is still giving me fits. They reversed the December principle payment, but also reversed the January payment and then for some reason stopped the automatic payments so now I get a letter saying I'm two payments behind and have a late fee.

Called Monday and "oh, yeah it's our fault we can fix that, it will done tomorrow" Look on the website and no change. Call again today and after explaining the whole story I go into telephone limbo and get connected to someone else and have to start over.

"Well we can fix it, but you need to mail us your February payment. Next month the automatice payments will start again. And of course you won't be charged a late payment fee" Yeah, right and I believe in the tooth fairy too.

I'm sending them my February payment tomorrow. But plan to check their website frequently to make sure everything is the way it should be. I shall be extremely surprised if I don't have to make any more phone calls to them. I know I have to make at least one more, because of the screw up in the original principle payment, the interest I paid last year doesn't match the tax from they sent, so I will need to ask for an updated one.

Why is is it so difficult to get things fixed right the first time with big companies? Frustrating.

Finished reading the library book Find Me by Carol O'Connell. Mystery. Very good.

I watched the Dresden Files that are based on a series of books I like and I like the show. I haven't been as impressed by the Nora Roberts movies. They are ok, but the acting is not that good and they chop so much of the good stuff out of the movie version.

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