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Books on TV

January 29th, 2007 at 08:35 pm

walked with mom at WalMart for 35 min.

Someone is rummaging through my library for books to put on TV. Yesterday, I watched the Dresden Files a new Sci Fi show. It features stories by Jim Butcher one of my favorite authors and one who's books are on my shelves. It was pretty good.

Today I watched Nora Roberts book Angel's Fall on Lifetime. And see that they are making 3 more movies from her books for the next 3 Monday nights.

And I saw an advertisement for Blood Ties by Tanya Huff another favorite Sci Fi writer. It's going to be a series on Lifetime. This is pretty cool. Of course the books are much better, but the TV of the books is better than most of the other stuff on TV. The only problem is that now I'll end up watching more TV Smile

Finished reading the library book Shadow Dance by Julie Garwood. Romance/Mystery. Very Good

1 Responses to “Books on TV”

  1. HouseHopeful Says:

    I like it when they make books into movies/shows---as long as they do them well! Smile I enjoyed the Dresden Files and while I haven't watched Angels Falls yet, I have it on tape & I'll be watching this weekend. I LOVE Nora Roberts. One of my favorites of hers is going to be the forth movie Carolina Moon. I hope the movies do the books justice!

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