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slowing down

January 24th, 2007 at 09:28 pm

mom and I have been walking at WalMart for about 35 min every day. We got another 8 inches of snow on Sunday.

I got groceries on Sunday and saved 48%. Got two boxes of Electrosol dishwasher tabs for free.

Work is getting slightly less hectic since I met my deadline last Friday. I worked two 14 hour days and 2 12 hour days last week.

I got blood work for my diabetes checkup and it's way out of whack. I don't really know why, but have an appointment tomorrow with Dr. Expect she will put me on more meds. I think the biggest issue is not stopping to eat regular meals and not eating well-thought out meals, instead just grabbing things because it's 3 in the afternoon and I've been on calls for 5 hours.

Finished reading the library book Plum Loving by Janet Evanovich. Mystery/Romance. Very cute and good.

1 Responses to “slowing down”

  1. moneycents Says:

    I hope everything turns out okay for you tomorrow at the Docs.

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