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2007 goals

January 1st, 2007 at 06:25 pm

I have a very strong belief in using written goals to make progress towards whatever it is you want to achieve. I have been writting goals for myself since I was 15.

I also believe in writing goals that are slightly beyond what I think I can reach. This pushes me to accomplish more. I may not make the goal, but I get a lot farther ahead by trying to reach a goal slightly out of reach, than making a goal that requires very little effort.

I mis-stated one of my goals from 2006. My goal was to have the stock portion of my networth increase by $60,000. My total networth went up by $75,000

Goals for 2007

Fully fund 401K - $15,500 - the company got so many complaints about not being able to fully fund the accounts last year that they changed the rules so we can do it again this year.

Save $5000 for the 2008 Roth IRA

Pay down my mortgage by $20,000 to $100,000

Add $3000 to my savings funds.

Increase stock networth by $70,000 - this is mostly dependant on the stock market and my asset allocation plan.

The total is about $3600 more than I can easily do. It's partly dependant on the company coming through with the bonuses they promised.

2 Responses to “2007 goals”

  1. gerryt Says:

    I know Colorado has been hit with a lot of snow. Are you and your
    family okay?

  2. jIM_Ohio Says:

    How do you allocate the stocks?

    Is it MF, ETFs or individual stocks?
    Increasing stock net worth by 70k- what % of portfolio is this and how much of this is contributions you have not made?

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