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Good grocery deals today

October 28th, 2006 at 08:39 pm

walked with mom for 50 min

Thanks, for the comments. I'm still depressed. I wish I knew how to turn off the work button in my brain. How do you consciously decide not to do a good job and then stick to it? How do you decide what you can do well and be satisfied with that level? I don't know how to that. I can't leave things undone. What I really want to have happen is for the bosses to hire more people who are competent and can take up some of the work load. People I wouldn't have to constantly monitor. I know they are hiring new people soon, but if they are like the last bunch, they will be more work than help.

Went to the grocery store today and spent $12.92. Got some really good deals.

Free package of Safeway Beef Franks
Free 8oz bottle of Tarter sauce - going to bother for xmas
Bag of bite-sized snickers for .99 cents
Large Thin Crust Red Baron Pizza for .99 cents.

Need to go to King Soopers tomorrow for their deals. Both grocery stores have had really good deals lately to combat the Wal-Mart moving up here. It's nice, but it takes more time to go shopping at both stores to do the cherry-picking.

Finished reading A Fistful of Charms by Kim Harrison. Supernatural. Good.

1 Responses to “Good grocery deals today”

  1. baselle Says:

    Its hard for me to turn off that button too.

    About all I can say is that when I'm there I want to do the best job I can, but when I'm not there and I have a vacation scheduled, I'm not there and for my sanity I'm not allowed by DH to think about work. As far as leaving something undone - in my office, like yours, there's always something undone. Think that way and you'll never catch a break. Your hard work might also be covering up their hiring problem. You work hard, you keep it together, all everybody sees is a team kept together, not a team that needs more help.

    An allied problem that I have (perhaps you do also) is that I'm a rescuer and I want to think that I'm totally indispensible. I'd love to think that when I leave that my workplace will collapse and I come in and tsk tsk and think "why did you guys hire these idiots?" Kind of an evil thought and it leads to the comedown...drat, everything held together.

    Remember that we care about you, not about your coworkers. You need down time to keep your sanity. There are many workplaces; there's only one you.

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