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feeling accomplished

October 11th, 2006 at 09:33 pm

walked with mom for 50 min

I got a lot of little things completed today that I haven't had time to get to for a 2-3 months so I have a feeling of accomplishment today.

They opened a new WalMart and Kohl's in our little town so mom and I went to WalMart first. I got 2 new tires for my car put on while we were shopping. I've needed to do this for at least 3 months. I feel glad that it's finally done. Spent $171.06 on tires.

I also went with a list of household things that I've needed/wanted for a while and got several of those. A new can opener since I can hardly turn mine any more, a cutting board that fits in the dishwasher, a new wallet, walnuts for $4 lb, etc. Spent $75.25

We went to Chili's for lunch and I spent $8, and then to Kohl's where I found a black leather box on sale for 50% off to store TP in on the back of the toilet. I've been looking for a box that fits that room for a least a year now. This one is the perfect size and color. Spent $16.02

I found a table for my dining area I want from WalMart. My dad is going to go with me tomorrow to pick it up. I gave my other one away to some of my parents church friends because it was round and when I did my larger jigsaw puzzles the corners fell of the table. So I've been looking for a table that is the right size, color and shape for about a year. I only gave the other table away about 3 months ago and have been doing without since then.

So I really wanted a new table, but couldn't find what I wanted. All the colors are really dark right now and my furniture is oak. WalMart has a table with 4 chairs for @$180. That's more than I wanted to spend and I don't need the chairs, but it's the perfect size so I'm going to get it. Another thing off my list. I'll give the chairs to Goodwill if I can't find someone who wants them nearby.

The other thing I got done today was getting my new modem and getting my computer setup to get to the internet again. It's nice to use my computer instead of borrowing mom's.

Got a sample of Always and Pledge microfiber cloth in mail today.

Only 2 more days of my vacation. It goes so fast. I still need to do some serious cleaning, since I let the house go for almost 3 months while I worked day and night or at least thought about work day and night and couldn't concentrate on anything else Smile

1 Responses to “feeling accomplished”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    Wow! Glad to hear Walmart had what you needed. Awesome!
    Enjoy your new table and the rest of your vacation!

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