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coca-cola coupons not appreciated by everyone

June 4th, 2006 at 07:53 pm

Went to King Soopers for groceries today. Used one of my Coca-Cola coupons. The cashier only took off the cost of one bottle of coke, so I told him the coupon was for all 5 bottles. He looks at it and says, "Where did you get this coupon?" Like I was manufacturing them or something. So I told him and said he'd probably be seeing a lot more of them. He goes, "I hope not". Geeze, it's not like the money comes out of his pocket, if the manufacture is paying for it, it's no skin off of his nose.

I spent $43.91 on groceries and $14.80 on books, magazines and newspapers. I got 5 free bottles of coke. a free 32 oz ottle of Wisk Dual Action detergent and a free newspaper. According to the recieopt I saved 41%

Got my haircut. Had a $2 coupon. Spent $12 with tip.

I've been using the Purity moisturizer sample that I got from the Hampton Inn in Vancouver. I really like it. I went on line to find it today and it's $32 for 16 oz bottle. That's pretty expensive. I usually spent between $4 and $6 for moisturizers, using sales and coupons. So I guess after my samples are gone that's it for that product. It's not 4 times as good as my regular moisturizers.

Finished reading the library book Second Sight by Amanda Quick. Romance. Very good

1 Responses to “coca-cola coupons not appreciated by everyone”

  1. Char Says:

    What website did you find Purity moisturizer? Have been looing for 2 yrs now. Plz reply.

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