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March Goals

March 1st, 2006 at 08:26 pm

walked with mom for 35 min

Sold two books at half.com for $1 each

My goals for March are:

1. Pre-pay mortgage by $2000.00. I increased this because I am expecting my computer rebates and tax returns this month so should be able to come up with another $500.

2. Walk 20 times for at least 35 min

3. Spend $400 or less for household items. Since I've stayed under $450 for the last 2 months, I'm lowering this goal.

4. Lose 5 lbs. - This is a financial goal as well as a health goal, since it will save me money.

I'm still reading stuff in the evenings, but it's requirements documents, design docs and technical stuff - no fun Frown

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