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b-day party

September 12th, 2005 at 07:55 pm

Got a $5 replay reward certificate to Media play in the mail today. Also got my latest batch of discount gift cards.

Went to my sister's house for my youngest nieces b-day. She is 11 today. We had pizza and ice cream. She liked all her presents. She especially liked the Trixie Beldon books and the Herbie game boy game I gave her.

My sister got a $3000 profit sharing from work and she was real happy because she said they replenished their savings account. They had spent it all on car repairs. Their savings account is $1000. I'm glad they have that much, but it sure seems skimpy to me considering what their bills are. But she's happy at that level of savings. They also bought a new microwave, flat screen tv and dvd/vcr player. No moral judgements here, they can spend it where they want. I'm just amazed sometimes at how different all three of us kids are regarding money even though we were all raised/educated the same way. I think she is much more of an optimist than I am. She always expects things to work out well for her and they usually do. I hope things will go well, and they usually do, but I plan for things to go wrong and then I don't need to worry about it. My brother doesn't worry or plan or work, he just expects my dad to provide for him and so far that's working for him. All of us are happy with our own way of dealing with money.

I finished listening to the library book on tape Hard Eight by Janet Evanovich. Very good, very funny.

I also finished reading the library book Lifeguard by James Patterson. It was Ok. I think a lot of his other books were much better. Kind of feel like he phoned this one in, just did it for the money.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I love Trixie Belden. Yes, that's present tense. I really regret that I didn't have a girl. I somehow don't think my boys are going to really be willing to read the books I loved as a child.

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