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miniature show

September 11th, 2005 at 09:32 pm

DirectTv has a free movie weekend this weekend for the Starz movie package. Everytime they have a free weekend I have to struggle to find even one movie to watch. They played the Bourne Supremacy last night at 11:00 and I taped it. Hope to watch it sometime this week. Tonight they had Van Helsing but I'd already seen it and as much as I like Hugh Jackman I wasn't in the mood to watch it again. Good thing I'm not paying for this Smile

Denver has a miniature show once a year and I always go with my niece and a friend of mine. Denver's about an hour away from me. We drove up and went to lunch first at Red Lobster. My niece and I love Red Lobster. It's a real treat for her to go. Lunch was $18.78 I used one of my discounted gift cards.

Tickets for the show were $14 for me and my niece. I gave her $20 to spend at the show. I only spent $17.17 which is very cheap for me. I usually spend a couple of hundred dollars and I had planned to spend that much this time. But as much as I love to look at the stuff today it was so crowded and hot, I just couldn't stand it. I hate crowds I start to feel claustrophobic. So I didn't spend as much time looking as I normally would.

After the show we went to Cold Stone for ice cream where I spent $7.78 with tip. Next we wandered around the Container store which is a favorite of mine and we don't have one close. I love organizer stuff and so does my niece, but I didn't buy anything because I already have all the organizer stuff I need for now. I did get a great idea for both nieces for xmas. They had a really cool CD organizer where you puch a button and the CD pops out. My niece really liked it except for the colors. Maybe they'll come out with better ones before xmas. They had pink, green and blue and she wants purple. I could get green for the other niece.

Next stop was Target where I bought a few misc items and 2 books. Total spent was $23.82. Looked at some clothes at Target and I really like the fall colors. They are my colors, (charcoal blue, olive green, eggplant purple) but they had long sleeve sweaters and I wanted something with short sleeves so I didn't get anything.

We went to Subway for dinner and I spent $14.29

I took her home after that. I love spending time with both of my nieces, but my oldest niece is very special to me because we have so much in common and like so many of the same things. Reading, Miniatures, organizing and we seem to think the same way about things. While I never wanted the responsibility of raising a child I do like imprinting some of my values and view points on both of my nieces.

Anyways after that I went to King Soopers and got groceries. Spent $34.63 and according to the reciept I saved 34%. I also got a rebate item for which I will get $5.79 back.

Total spent this month = $210.12 I'm really going to have to watch it for the rest of the month if I want to remain under $400.

I put $35 a month in my miniatures fund and $31.17 will come out of that for today's mini purchases.

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