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cleaning day

September 10th, 2005 at 08:33 pm

walked with mom 55 min

Spent most of the day cleaning the house. Did a little reading too.

Finished reading Urban Alert! Emergency Survival for City Dwellers by Mary Ellen Clayton. Good book. Made me think about a lot of things. In her book she describes how they got all their emergency stuff together and then did a three day trial run to see how it would work in a real world situation. They turned off their electric and taped their refrigerator and toilet handle so they wouldn't use it during the trial. During the first trial things didn't go so well and they gave up after the first 24 hours. The second trial they learned from their mistakes and made it through the three days. I think this would be a good experiment for most people. Could you live on what's in your pantry for 3 days with no electricity? Could you stay in your house for three days and not use the phone or watch TV or even use the computer. That would be tough, but it might be better to find out how you would react in a pretend situation before you have to find out for real.

It might be interesting to try the experiment in the summer when it's hot and in the winter when it's cold since that would add other challenges to the experiment.

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