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Fast food day

July 12th, 2005 at 09:04 pm

Mom and I aren't walking till 7:30 pm now because it's so hot. I don't like to walk right after eating because I find it very uncomfortable, so today instead of eating at 5:30 when I wasn't very hungry I decided to have a snack and eat when I got home from walking. That was a mistake. We walked for 45 min today and by the time I got done I was really hungry. I had to get gas because I was running on fumes so I went to Safeway and got gas. Spent $23.05 gas was 2.22 a gallon - totally ridiculous. And then mom asked me to pick up toll-house cookie dough since she needs to bake for their camping trip this weekend. She'll pay me back so I don't count that money.

Well by then I was really hungry so I stopped at Taco Bell and got dinner. Spent 6.17. Oh well it's only the first time this month which is really good for me.

Total spent this month = $115.87

I'm going to water the plants and pick up the mail for my parents while they go camping this weekend so my mom bought me some address labels for payment. ARGHH! they don't have to pay me to help them. Some of the other kids won't help without pay, but I find it slightly insulting that they even think they need to offer. But she can't use the labels so I might as well take them and use them. Frown

I had told mom I wanted to look for them and print my own so I wouldn't have a ton of them if I moved so she saw them and bought them today. 2000 labels for about $10.00. Maybe when I figure out how to do them I'll make up some for her, since she wants some with just her name on them instead of Mr and Mrs.

I listened to This Time Love by Elizabeth Lowell while working today. Romance. Very good, but very emotional.

I finally gave in and turned the A/C on today. It ran for a couple of hours this afternoon. Can't stand that 90 degree heat. My preferred weather is between 40 and 60. 70 is getting warm to me.

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