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50% return on investment

July 5th, 2005 at 08:13 pm

Thanks to whomever for the pretty stars Smile

After walking with mom last night for 55 min stopped at the grocery store for mayo and eggs. Spent $4.98. I really hate making special trips to buy something especially when I know I can get it cheaper if I could just wait till it's on sale. Oh well, that will teach me to keep on top of my pantry items better.

Total this month is now $25.08

Great fireworks show last night. I could see works from both directions in my house.

Today I sold my stock from my company purchase plan. They started this last Aug and the first offering lasted till December. They allow you to buy stocks at a min of 15% of the list price based on either the starting day or ending day of the offering period, whichever is cheaper. Well we were just coming out of bankruptcy last year and hardly anybody took them up on the offering. I did because it was a guaranteed 15% return on my money. I ended up making 64%.

So this year they offered it again and I signed up again. It was supposed to be for 6 months, but they cut it off at 3 months because a lot of people signed up this time around and the stock was going up so I think it was going to cost too much if they let it go the whole 6 months. So anyways I made 50% this time. I'm extremely happy about that return and just wish I could get that kind of return on all my investments. (Don't we all!)

After work I went to mom's and walked 40 min. My dad mentioned he needed deodorant last time I was there so I gave him the deodorant I got free from Walgreens last month along with the toothbrush. Also when I went grocery shopping on Saturday I got a can of Pork and Beans that they paid me 46 cents to buy so I gave that to them also. Beans were on sale for 34 cents and I had a coupon for 40 cents that was doubled.

Someone stole the birdfeeder that I bought a couple of weeks ago. Boo Hoo Frown So now I have a bag of birdseed that I'm going to give to my parents also. I'm not going to buy another one, since I figure that one would get stolen too.

I finished reading Windwalker by Natasha Mostert. Not sure how to describe this one, I guess romance/thriller. Very hard to read, slow story, unlikable characters. I kept thinking it would get better and it never did.

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