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$2.39/gal gas and $2.33/lb sirloin steak

August 26th, 2011 at 11:48 am

I went in town this morning to get my blood test, next time I have to go I will take another route though. The directions the computer gave me took me way out of the way if I had known exactly where it was. There is a much faster way from my house. Live and Learn Smile

The lab place was 1 block from a super Target so went in and got a loaf of apple fritter bread for mom and 2 of the Archer Farms brand of sliced ham. 1 for me and 1 for mom. If you haven't tried this brand (Target brand) of ham, it is very good.

I drove right by the King Soopers gas station and got gas. I had a $1/gal off for transferring a prescription. I filled up my 2 5-gal gas cans and my tank. Paid $2.39 after the discount and got just over 19 gals, saved $19.11 on gas. Paid with a credit card that's giving 5% back on gas this quarter.

Stopped at a Walgreens in town and got another 6 of the .39 cent Scotch bubble mailers.

Last stop was Albertsons on the way home. They had a sale buy 1 get 2 free petite sirloin steaks. The steaks looked really nice. They come in approx. 2 lb packs. You pay for the most expensive package and the other 2 are free. So I got around 6 lbs of steak for $14.33. Each package has 4 or 5 steaks in it. I plan to cook the whole package tomorrow night. I'll eat it for 2/3 days and freeze the rest. Paid with a discounted gift card.

I finished reading my book A Purple Place for Dying by J.D. MacDonald. Mystery - very good. This is the last of this series, I've reread all of them now and have decided not to keep anymore so they go in the used bookstore box. That clears up one bookshelf, but more are coming in everyday to refill it Smile

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