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Friday errands

May 13th, 2011 at 12:52 pm

Coupon total ytd = 253.35
RX total = 113.57
Discounted Gift Cards = 118.28
Total = 485.20

Ran errands this morning. I started at Safeway where I had a $10 OYNO coupon to use up. I got 2 lbs of ham and turkey deli meat, a doz eggs, and 2 bags of sunflower seeds. I paid .93

At Walmart I got a pair of Just My Size jeans for $11. Regularly $16, but I had a $5 coupon. I just thru away a pair because of holes in the pocket area and fraying on the hems, so I needed a new pair. I also got a 6 pack of Hanes panties for $5. There was a sign saying these were $5, but I checked the price before going to the register and it said $6.97, so I went to customer service first and she said just tell the cashier she said to charge only $5. Good deal.

At King Soopers I picked up a prescription for .57. I had a $10 Target prescription coupon so they put that on my card. I got $18 in free groceries using $14 in coupons and $4 of my RX coupon. I got the following, FP = food pantry.

2 bags Boulder chips - FP
8 boxes pasta - FP
2 Think Thin bars - FP
3 20 ct packs carefree pantyliners - FP
1 doz eggsland best eggs
2 bunches radishes
2 starkist tuna pouches

It looks like Sunday's coupons are going to be really good for things I buy. I may have to invest in a couple more papers.

I ordered another $250 in Home Depot gift cards from Gift Card Rescue @ an 8% discount. saving me about $20. I still need $1000 more for the downstairs carpet.

I'm about halfway thru putting my upstairs back in place - hope to be done by Sunday, and then I'll start tearing up the downstairs. I want to get the downstairs carpet ordered by June 2 to take advantage of the installation discount they have going on Martha Stewart carpet. Saves me a $100.

I finished reading my book Hell Island by Matthew Reilly. Adventure - very good.

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