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mother's day

May 8th, 2011 at 01:49 pm

Coupon total ytd = 218.63
RX total = 109.45
Discounted Gift Cards = 97.91
Total = 425.99

Did a couple of quick errands this morning before meeting sister, neices and parents at Mimi's Cafe in town for a mother's day lunch. Spent $11 at Mimi's.

At Safeway used my $10 on next order q and got $10 of sliced turkey breast on sale for $5/lb and then spent $1.14 on celery and green onions.

At Walmart I used $5.50 in coupons. I got 2 12 packs of Scick disposable razors for free, which will be donated. My cashier was making comments about all of my purchases. I hate that. Oh, these are nice bras. Oh what's this - an egg poacher? How much is that? - yech. I spent $77.02 there.

Stopped at Albertson's for 3 rolls of free paper towels. Spent .22 on taxes.

I brought 2 bags of groceries to give to oldest neice to take back up to college with her, mostly pasta, but she lives on that. She had her finals last week and is now half way thru.

My youngest neice died her hair again. This time a strawberry blond and then she crimped it. I didn't even recognize her when she came to the door. She looks gorgeous.

I finished reading the library book Lover Unleashed by J.R. Ward. Paranormal - excellent. If you like Laurell Hamilton or Sherrilyn Kenyon you will like this series.

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