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the deals are back - woohoo!

May 4th, 2011 at 02:06 pm

Lots of good deals today and several items for the food pantry. First stop was Safeway. They have a deal for Mother's day. Buy a $50 gift card and get a coupon for $10 on your next order. The cards are Pennys, Kohls, Barnes and Noble, Nordstrom and a couple others. I bought a Penny's card that I will give to my mom for xmas or her bday and have $10 to spend on groceries sometime this week.

King Soopers has a similar deal on different gift cards and you get 4x gas points.

Next was Walgreens where I did the same thing as Monday but added 2 cans of Almonds to get my total over $20. Used mom's AARP card and wyb $20 get a coupon for $5 off next order.

10.00 - 2 12-pack Cottonelle
7.00 - 2 Oscar Meyer bacon
3.59 - 2 Almonds bogo
-1.00 - 2 .50 cottonelle q's
-2.00 - WAG q for $1 on Cottonelle
- .60 - .60/2 Blue Diamond almonds
17.68 - got back $1 RR for bacon, $3 RR for cottonelle and $5 RR for AARP card. Paid $10 with gift card and the rest in cash.

King Soopers is having a another mega sale. They have a new way of doing it which makes it hard to see if the numbers are right. Previously wyb 10 items they take off $5 at the end. Now they take off .50/item. They missed 7 of my items so now I have to go back and get $3.50 back.

I got a prescription filled for .80. It was a transfer so I got $25 put on my card. They sent me a letter asking why I transfered and gave me another $5 for bringing it back. So I had $30 in prescription coupons on my card to use towards my groceries. Also Safeway had a $10/$50 coupon and they take competitors coupons and let me use that. So that was $40 off the top. I used $34.32 in manufacture coupons and did 3 mega deals which deducted another $15 off - the $3.50 they didn't give me. Plus I got a coupon for $2 OYNO for buying $10 in Dole salads.

Bottom line I saved 90%. Bought $145 in groceries for $15. But I got the $2 OYNO coupon and the store owes me $3.50 so it was really $9.50. This included 15 lbs of boneless/skinless chicken breast at $1.99/lb and 5 bags of Dole salads 2 spinach and 3 mixed.

I got the following for free. FP = items I will donate to the food pantry.

3 boxes Quick Cook pasta - FP
2 tubes Poligrip - FP
6 boxes Ronzoni Smart Taste pasta - FP
2 bottles Ivory body wash - FP
1 3 pack Ivory soap - FP
2 bags Boulder canyon potato chips - FP
6 boxes Ronzoni Healthy Harvest pasta - FP
4 bottles Propel water
2 bags Mahatma saffron rice - FP
2 Think Thin bars - FP
2 Uncle Ben ready to eat rice - FP
1 Mentos gum - niece

I have more pasta q's, so at least one more trip before the sale is over.

I finished reading my book The Quick Red Fox by John D. MacDonald. Mystery - pretty good.

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